4. Configuration *clang_complete-configuration*

Each project can have a .clang_complete at his root, containing the compiler
options. This is useful if you're using some non-standard include paths or
need to specify particular architecture type, frameworks to use, path to
precompiled headers, precompiler definitions etc.

Note that as with other option sources, .clang_complete file is loaded and
parsed by the plugin only on buffer loading (or reloading, for example with
:edit! command). Thus no changes made to .clang_complete file after loading
source file into Vim's buffer will take effect until buffer will be closed and
opened again, reloaded or Vim is restarted.

Compiler options should go on individual lines (multiple options on one line
can work sometimes too, but since there are some not obvious conditions for
that, it's better to have one option per line).

Linking isn't performed during completion, so one doesn't need to specify any
of linker arguments in .clang_complete file. They will lead to completion
failure when using clang executable and will be completely ignored by

Example .clang_complete file: >
-include ../config.h